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Frankensteez - 'Son Of Frankensteez' [(Ghoulish Green) Vinyl EP]
Frankensteez - 'Son Of Frankensteez' [(Ghoulish Green) Vinyl EP]
Frankensteez - 'Son Of Frankensteez' [(Ghoulish Green) Vinyl EP]
Frankensteez - 'Son Of Frankensteez' [(Ghoulish Green) Vinyl EP]
Frankensteez - 'Son Of Frankensteez' [(Ghoulish Green) Vinyl EP]
Frankensteez - 'Son Of Frankensteez' [(Ghoulish Green) Vinyl EP]
Frankensteez - 'Son Of Frankensteez' [(Ghoulish Green) Vinyl EP]
Frankensteez - 'Son Of Frankensteez' [(Ghoulish Green) Vinyl EP]


Son Of Frankensteez

Ghoulish Green Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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One year after he unleashed his ambitious and accomplished "Frankensteez" full-length, renowned Boston-based producer Mister Jason (Porn Theatre Ushers) is back again with another mind-bending platter. Including a mix of new cuts (three) and stellar remixes of "Frankensteez" tunes (three) with their instrumentals, it's a tour-de-force of collaborative musical synergy (and occasional mayhem).

And while the historic "Mister Jason Has A Posse" still looms large (this time with a cold-crushing old-school-style remix by the UK's DJ Format, cataloging classic breaks like a librarian), there are more highlights here than you can shake a stick at. Other remixers include London's The Herbaliser ("King James") as well as NYC beatmaker and funnyman J-Zone ("Humble Haters"). New mic work by loyal Mister Jason vocal comrades Nabo Rawk, K-No Supreme, Rain, CheckMark and General Stoor brings the whole package together.


Mister Jason Has A Posse (DJ Format's "A-Z of Classic Breaks" Remix)
Last year DJ Format, familiar with my Porn Theatre Ushers days, reached out to me through Twitter and ordered 15 copies of the "Mister Jason Has a Posse" 10-inch for his UK homies. He also volunteered to take the song's concept, which was already pretty complicated, even further. He constructed a masterpiece, not only selecting/mixing 26 classic breaks, but each break's song title coincides with the letter mentioned. Unbelievable...

King James (The Herbaliser Remix) featuring DJ Revolution
Similar to my new friendship with DJ Format, former Ninja Tune crewmembers The Herbaliser - Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba -volunteered to remix a track. How could I say no to that? I wanted to enlist the help of DJ Revolution again, so it made sense to have him appear again, as he did on the original version from Frankensteez. If you know the original already, you'll hear a totally new, funky, jazzy vibe from this amazing London duo.

Shut Eye featuring Plastic Dinosaurs (Rain and K-No Supreme)
This is one of three brand-new tracks and it features Boston super-producer/engineer Rain, who was featured on Frankensteez. Also in the house is my current "go-to" emcee, K-No Supreme. The duo is currently working on their debut release as "Plastic Dinosaurs."

Humble Haters featuring Edo G. and K-No Supreme
Taken from Frankensteez in its original form, this stand-out featuring Boston legend Edo G just had to finally be put on vinyl. It's one of my favorite tracks, and I think it screams "lead single" with its groove, with a beat change-up during Edo's verse. Edo is one of my favorite MCs of any era, it was amazing to work with him not once but twice on the album last year.

Humble Haters (J-Zone Remix) featuring K-No Supreme, Edo G and CheckMark (from Skitzofreniks)
In the true Remix sense, this track has a whole new feel, and all new lyrics... including the addition of Cambridge legend, CheckMark. The last time I hooked up with Mark was on the 2003 Wordplay UK release "The Brews Brothers," featuring Louis Logic. A few years back, through a mutual friend, Chicago's DJ Rude One (Simple Minded Pros), I met J-Zone, and we instantly hit it off, both being very familiar with the others' work. J-Zone DJed my Frankensteez release party in Boston and we began to discuss a potential remix. "Humble Haters" was J-Zone's favorite cut from the album.

Bug Spray featuring Nabo Rawk and K-No Supreme
The "Bug Men" from 2000's Porn Theatre Ushers Sloppy Seconds album are back with this crazy, uptempo jam. Being long-time associates, it was easy to pair these two together again. They rhyme really well together, yet both have very different styles. 2013 is the 15th anniversary for the Porn Theatre Users (Nabo Rawk and Mister Jason) so this is my way of letting you know, there is more to come.

Dead featuring General Stoor and DJ esSDee
Everyone loves General Stoor. Many have told me that his track on Frankensteez, "Words from the General," was their favorite. The man who once had a "three-way with two dolphins" gets caught shooting-up "in a Chili's bathroom" on this drug-inspired jam. The cuts on this one are from Leeds native DJ esSDee whom I've been in contact with ever since the "Mister Jason Has A Posse" 10-inch reached the UK. Like my relationship with DJ Format and The Herbaliser, esSDee reached out on the strength of Frankensteez and I'm thrilled to have him do cuts on this one.
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