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Freddie Gibbs

Cocaine Rap: Jeezy Snowman, French Montana Coke Boys, Gucci Mane, Rap Beef


"My mom & dad wanted me to listen to Scarface, because he was spittin' the real sh*t...he was in my headphones a lot of hours out the day, so he helped raise me too...We talk a lot of sh*t on our records & we have fun...and we say what's real to us. Just like Pimp C said, we always gotta put some type of social commentary in the music. He said that for a reason... Still have fun & sell dope, f*ck b*tches, rob n*ggaz & all that sh*t, but we gonna tell you the pros and cons of all of that as well." - Freddie Gibbs
  • Aug 06, 2017
  • 5:18
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  • Van Stylez