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Freekey Zekey - 'Blame It On The Henny' [CD]
Freekey Zekey - 'Blame It On The Henny' [CD]
Freekey Zekey - 'Blame It On The Henny' [CD]
Freekey Zekey - 'Blame It On The Henny' [CD]

Freekey Zekey

Blame It On The Henny


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Within Harlem's hottest crew he's known as the skit master. On 2007's Book of Ezekiel he proved that he can grip a mic and be the front man. He is the crowd motivator with charismatic energy, numerous tattoos, and a stylish fashion sense. Now, Ezekiel "Freekey Zekey" Jiles is back with Blame It On The Henny, a showcase for Zekey himself and his own 730 Dips crew to prove nothing can keep a good man down. While the last few years have challenged Zeke on many levels, he is taking on the next phase of his life with bravado and passion that only the most focused artists truly understand. Several attempts on his life and a two year incarceration are no laughing matter, but Freekey has bounced back as the fiery comedic member of his team and he wears his scars as medals of the battles he's won. His latest features guest shots from a choice few of Harlem's finest and from Zeke's own 730 Dips squad. Blame It On The Henny contains brand new material from Freekey Zekey never before available on mixtapes, slim lines or bit torrents. Jump on board, ride the groove and feel free to get freaky. Tomorrow morning you can Blame It On The Henny.
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