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<!--2011091356-->Freshjive - 'Black Lips' [(Light Green) T-Shirt]


Black Lips

Light Green


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Lips are generally red due to the large amount of blood vessels around the lip area. Additionally, the skin on the top and bottom lip is very thin allowing the color from these blood vessels to be seen through to the surface of the lips, giving them a red appearance. This also explains the reason why lips turn blue in cold weather. The cold air making the blood vessels in the skin tighten and contract, forcing the blood to go deeper into the body to hold in the warmth.

According to Why Quit, excessive smoking is one of the primary ways for lips to turn black. When nicotine hits the central nervous system, the body releases stored fats into the bloodstream. The fats stick to the vessel walls, hardening the vessels over time. As a result, a decrease in facial artery oxygen and blood flow occurs, leading to a discoloration in the face and lips.

-Fineweight combed cotton t-shirt.