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Less Than Zero



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The novel, Less Than Zero, by Brett Easton Ellis from 1985 follows the life of a rich young college student returning to his hometown of Los Angeles during a winter break where he spends much time going to parties and doing drugs with his friends, along with one night stands with both men and women. Throughout his descent into the netherworld of the L.A. drug scene, he loses his faith in his friends, and grows alienated with the amoral party culture he once embraced. The novel was also made into a movie. A review in the New York Times by Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Michiko Kakutani after its release stated, "This is one of the most disturbing novels I've read in a long time." 25 years later upon release of the sequel, Details magazine commented on the novel and its original reviews, stating: "Years ago people could have read some of your books and said, 'Oh, this is just nihilism. These people don't exist! There's nobody that rich and stupid and narcissistic!'" There is much reference to Less Than Zero for seeing the rise of celebrity culture in the form of people like Paris Hilton, Spencer Pratt, and the Kardashians.