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<!--020090101019642-->Fupete, Jacklamotta - 'Animal Collective' [Book]
<!--020090101019642-->Fupete, Jacklamotta - 'Animal Collective' [Book]
<!--020090101019642-->Fupete, Jacklamotta - 'Animal Collective' [Book]
<!--020090101019642-->Fupete, Jacklamotta - 'Animal Collective' [Book]

Fupete, Jacklamotta

Animal Collective


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  • Jan 01, 2009
  • 96
  • 6.75" X 9.5"
  • 9788888493237
  • DO237BK
  • 30.1 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Drago Arts & Communication
  • Fupete; Jacklamotta
Drago's 36 Chambers Series - Each volume represents a metaphoric room for signature artists of the international independent art scene to express themselves in work which combines tradition and experimentation. Books in The 36 Chambers Series are B&W, with one further color of the artist's choice.

The trip into the world of independent creativity continues in the second addition to Drago's 36 Chambers Series book collection, Animal Collective. The artistic guides through this mix-and-match zoo are Fupete and Jack La Motta, two deluxe outsiders from the European urban art world. Their mythical zoo is inhabited by complex creatures born from their collective imagination: childish, brut, and fantastical. No passport is needed to go on the trip, just turn the pages and allow yourself to be submerged into a parallel universe. "Animal collective" reveals an alternative "factory" where ideas and emotions can find a place outside mainstream clichs, consumption logic, and the fashion diktat. The only rule will be instinct. Two playful spirits who, with jovial innocence, found a very serious tool for communication. They created an upside-down world that alters perception and sets sight free from existing contructs. The utopia that was never to be is now in the palm of our hands. To be part of it, one needs to be more than a simple spectator; one needs to play the game. This is a book created by dreamers for those who still believe.