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<!--020071106011086-->'Fusion: Kid vs. Kidult' [Book]
<!--020071106011086-->'Fusion: Kid vs. Kidult' [Book]
<!--020071106011086-->'Fusion: Kid vs. Kidult' [Book]
<!--020071106011086-->'Fusion: Kid vs. Kidult' [Book]

Fusion: Kid vs. Kidult


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  • Nov 06, 2007
  • 300
  • 6" X 8"
  • 9789889809768
  • IDN809768BK
  • 28.9 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Gingko Press
Kid versus kidult, toy versus figure! When simple joy and appreciation come together, the result is an inspired form of "Fusion". No matter whether you consider yourself a kid or kidult, whether you interpret these figurative graphics as toy or art form, this is a book everyone should have. One look inside and it becomes clear why all kids want to grow up fast and why all adults want to be kids again. It's the kind of fusion that promises escape and it features the work of over 50 contributors from more than 10 different countries including WK Interact, Kozyndan, Brothersfree, Dave Kinsey, Delta, Scarygirl, Stephen Bliss, Mr. Jago, Toki Doki, Struggle Inc, Insect, Dface, and Dalek plus many other great talents. And Fusion comes with a 6 inch tall figure to make it even more tempting. 300 pages, paperback, 6"X8", slipcased w/ 6" vinyl figure.