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Gage The Conqueror Presents - 'The Space Gorillas EP' [CD]
Gage The Conqueror Presents - 'The Space Gorillas EP' [CD]
Gage The Conqueror Presents - 'The Space Gorillas EP' [CD]
Gage The Conqueror Presents - 'The Space Gorillas EP' [CD]

Gage The Conqueror Presents

The Space Gorillas EP


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I originally intended for the Space Gorillas EP to be both dope , yet sort of a joke at the same time, the joke being that this is intentionally a project way over saturated with collaborations. There's actually a song or 2 that didn't make it - 1 regretably being a banger called 4 Horsemen produced by DJ Woool & Featuring the homie Lateb (Heddshotts/ Zombie Death Squad) & Godilla . The sessions got lost in the madness that was at the time (2011-2012) my life.. The over all experience however was 100% fun and financially cost next to nothing to create believe it or not. I mean all these vets and guys that I came up listening to in my youth combined with some of the illest on the come up all came through in a manner of speaking to just do what the ____ they were designed to do. However we all come to find out that life will throw you curve balls just when you think you got a straight up fastball you're about to knock out the park . What started out as the most simple and fun project I birthed to date would suddenly come to a screeching halt...a damn near 3 year halt.. Without going into a bunch of details both trivial and life altering the Space Gorillas Ep along with 5 other projects I had going at once would now sit idle just as the button was about to be pushed.. Fast forward to late 2014 Hip Hop would lose one of its rising stars - Kevlaar 7 , we had met & talked many of times exchanging ideas , jokes and life philosophy as he is remembered for and shall be. I reached out to Kev musically for the 2nd time as we had done a really well received banger called Black Roses a few years prior and he of course was down - this time he brought his brother Bronze Nazereth while I supplied the Ayatollah banger. Well this was the way it was going for me at the time it was just pure energy and I appreciate all who contributed equally and am eternally grateful for all those who rode with me on this odd little journey- I thank you because you have all just blessed not me but Kevlaar's family as I have decided to make all money made on the digital version go directly to his family and I thank you - the supporters in advance for helping them out for me. Peace - Gage-One
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