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GaiDen Gadema - 'The Jim Kelly Acquisition' [CD]

GaiDen Gadema

The Jim Kelly Acquisition


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GaiDen Gadema has been a staple in the Des Moines Hip Hop scene for almost 10 years. It is amazing that within this time, he has never had an official release. Bouncing between crews and labels, GaiDen finally found a worthwhile resting spot with Central Standard Records. the culmination of 10 years of growth will finally come to realization with the release of "The Jim Kelly Acquisition", GaiDen's first official release. "Jim Kelly, as in the actor from the blaxploitation kung-fu films of the 70's (Black Belt Jones, 3 the Hard Way, Enter the Dragon), is used as a mascot and focal point of inspiration. Embodying 'Soul' and 'Charisma'" says GaiDen Gadema aka Jason Herron.

"The Jim Kelly Acquisition" as an album is a tribute to a more soulful era of music and Jim Kelly is Gadema's alias, as well as a mascot reining it in. 14 tracks deep featuring production by Aeon Grey, Bashir and Dupree, GaiDen focuses on real life issues, and expands beyond the normal hip hop braggadocio and egocentric lyrics. Touching on topics like family, politics, and even questions about his ethnic origins, GaiDen finally comes out of his shell making an album bolted with integrity and bleeding personal triumph and heartache. "When GaiDen had mentioned the project to me initially, I instantly wanted a piece of the creative process and wanted to do more than just give him a few beats" says Aeon Grey, who handled a majority of the production, all of the recording mixing and mastering. "It just seemed to make sense that he needed the right people behind the boards to accomplish his vision." Every piece of the "The Jim Kelly Acquisition" was carefully crafted to set the appropriate backdrop. Old Funk, Soul, R'n'B and even some blaxploitation soundtracks were all worked into the production to make sure the mood was set properly for GaiDen to accomplish what he wanted as a lyricist.

"I've wanted to not only do, but also HEAR a hip hop album like this for a long time. Something that it crosses boundaries and generational gaps" says GaiDen. "I'm opening up to the audience about the most minute of personal circumstances." The content of "The Jim Kelly Acquisition", while accessible, is brightened by the execution. The sometimes simple concepts are expressed through intricate patterns and unique vocabulary not sacrificing the craft of emceeing. Not only is the material relatable, but it is also just entertaining to listen to. "I wanted the album to speak to, and also FOR the listener- regular everyday people." In all, the album possesses sentimental values and "grown man" assessments to everyday living creating a musical bed that a wide array of people can enjoy regardless of age, creed or demographic.
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