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Gang Colours - 'Fancy Restaurant/ Fancy Restaurant Remixes' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]

Gang Colours

Fancy Restaurant/ Fancy Restaurant Remixes

Black Vinyl Import

12" Vinyl Single Record

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Brownswood Recordings are proud to present fresh material from Gang Colours, backed with three killer reworks. Machinedrum busts out clattering junglist breakbeats and rainbow synths; the hotly tipped Ifan Dafydd musters a richly textured skittering dub; and Deft slowly builds a hypnotic vacuum groove, rising to a glorious crescendo of billowing synths.

Striking out in June 2011 with his debut EP 'In Your Gut Like A Knife' - a neat summary of his electronic excursions at that point - the beautifully artworked 12" acted as a portal into a world of daydreams, tumbling into shadows and embracing luminescence simultaneously. Breeding surreal headphone-friendly landscapes, he struck a peculiar and delicate balance between otherworldly and familiarity, at times sneaking a sly glance towards the dancefloor but mostly conjuring a sense of longing and rye melancholy. Then came a cluster of free remixes via the Brownswood Bandcamp, called in from respected friends and family: Pedestrian, Frederic Robinson, DJ Dials and Alex Patchwork.

All the while he's been holed up in his hometown Southampton recording his debut album 'The Keychain Collection' which drops on 27th February 2012. Taking a step back from chopped 'n' screwed RnB vocals and the swing of UKG, 'The Keychain Collection' explores more sombre recesses within Gang Colours' palette. The scattered Technicolor synth melodies that characterised his EP are present, but softer... cosier even... weaving betwixt and between forthright piano chords and Will's own vocals.
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