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Gene Page - 'Blacula (Original Soundtrack)' [CD]
Gene Page - 'Blacula (Original Soundtrack)' [CD]
Gene Page - 'Blacula (Original Soundtrack)' [CD]
Gene Page - 'Blacula (Original Soundtrack)' [CD]

Gene Page

Blacula (Original Soundtrack)


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Rev-Ola proudly presents the original funktastic soundtrack to the cult Blaxploitation horror movie from 1971. Blaxploitation was in full swing, creating such marvels as Shaft and Superfly with their timeless soundtracks and unforgettable iconic imagery. Not as well known, but just as amazing is immortal Motown hero Gene Page's soundtrack to the foremost black horror movie of all time.'Blacula' (the most horrifying film of the decade, the Count Dracula Society)! Full of funky beats, wah-tastic guitar licks and sweeping strings, not to mention the vocal talents of The Hues Corporation And The 21st Century Ltd, this is a righteous funky sound-scape stew which has DJs gasping in awe and the rest of us wearing holes in the carpet. Re-mastered by the lovely Norman Blake at Studio 3! A must for DJs, dancers, lovers of seriously funky soundtracks.
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