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Gescha - 'Crayon Politics' [CD]
Gescha - 'Crayon Politics' [CD]
Gescha - 'Crayon Politics' [CD]
Gescha - 'Crayon Politics' [CD]


Crayon Politics


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Gescha's debut album Crayon Politics is a hip hop album that breaks new ground through experimental instrumentation and unique vocals that forge a sound that explores new and uncharted territory in the genre.

The lead single Love Pirates, a poppy 70s style groove, deals with the subject of being a heartbreaking musician on the road. However, the deeper analysis of the lyrics presents a song that is not about stealing love, but rather setting it free by living lawlessly outside the constrictions of society in order to experience the true value of life and love. The follow up single Slow Build, which features acclaimed rapper Moka Only, deals with the positive themes of self improvement and personal growth through its uplifting sound and message, while still being powerfully driven by Gescha's impassioned and intense vocal stylings. The album's third single, Sirens, carries a more grungy and downbeat feel through its dark, minor-key, synthesizer driven sound and the disaffected, dream-like chorus sung by alt-pop sensation Gregory Pepper. In adddition Gescha is also joined on the album by underground rap star Awol One on Wake. Also bolstering Crayon Politics is a widely viewed and well-acclaimed music video for Love Pirates, which led the song to a number eight debut on the Canadian singles chart.

Production of Crayon Politics is handled by revered producers Muneshine and fellow hometown hero Factor. Above all else, the thing that makes Crayon politics such an impressive album is Gescha himself. His powerful vocal presence, meaningful lyrics, catchy hooks, and unique style make for an album that is not only an impressive work in itself, but also an early imdication of a new artist who will surely become a vital presence in the music industry.

About Gescha:
Born of Romanian-Asian descent and calling home to Saskatoon, SK, 24 year-old hip hop artist and entrepreneur Gescha has a story to tell. Raised in an immigrant family, his father escaped Romania during Nicolae Ceausescu's reign of oppression in the 1970's. Perhaps it's in the blood; struggle passed from father to son, and when nothing else made sense music was the solace. Gescha spent years losing himself in a world of drugs and chaos, and has been able to take the scars of those turbulent times and see beauty. He then took his experiences and began mentoring at-risk youth in an attempt to support and offer guidance to young men walking similar paths. The music is a reflection of his journey to personal truth and self-discovery. A unique and distinguished inflection, Gescha's music pushes the envelope of the oftentimes cookie-cutter cadence of urban music.

Having spent the last 5 years working alongside the Intelligentlemen trio, Ges cut his teeth sharing the stage with acclaimed hip hop acts such as Tech N9Ne, Classified and Sweatshop Union. Setting foot out on a solo career in 2011, "Crayon Politics" enters the equation. With production-assistance from Saskatoon-natives Factor (Living Legends, Myka 9) and Muneshine (Pete Rock, Rob Swift), "Crayon Politics" serves both samples and live instrumentation as an audio backdrop. Look no further than the albums lead single "Love Pirates" - a tantalizing fusion of 70's organ rock. The song hit the Canadian singles sales charts at number eight the week it debuted. You'll also find the likes of Fake Four Inc. recording artist Awol One (Los Angeles, CA), Swollen Members alumnus Moka Only (Vancouver, BC) and Fake Four Inc's Gregory Pepper all dropping notable guest spots.
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