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Ghislain Poirier - 'Breakupdown' [CD]

Ghislain Poirier



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Critically acclaimed for his ultra minimal explorations of the techno sound, Montrealer Ghislain Poirier recently converted himself to the dirty religion of head bobbing with his punishing ragga style beats and deconstructed abstract Hip Hop. Ghislain's music employs bass from all over the world it's a blistering mix of Hip Hop, Electronics, Dancehall, Ragga and West African textures to make even the most thorough heads say "DAMN!" Since we last heard from Ghislain he has had a busy roster of collaborating with DJ/rupture for the track "taqasim" on the "Special Gunpowder" album, working with Beans (Anti Pop) and Lo Tek HI-FI (Ninja Tune), remixing Diverse, Le Georges Leningrad and Pulseprogramming, performing at the Austin Museum of Digital Art and even scoring films along side plastikman. With a growing fan base Ghislain Poirier is one spark of hope that this genre can make it past its current stagnant status and will drive with energy and creativity into the future.
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