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Gon - 'Consider Violence' [CD]
Gon - 'Consider Violence' [CD]
Gon - 'Consider Violence' [CD]
Gon - 'Consider Violence' [CD]


Consider Violence


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Chicago based hip hop artist Gon is on a jouney From the war torn Middle East to the heart of the Midwest. In 2005, Gon and friends founded Urchin Studios. His previous musical endeavors have included two well-received free releases Where the Truth Lies & Gon with the When. He has done shows tirelessly all around the mid-west, opening for many small, medium, and big name artists. Gon sticks to the tradition of the gritty sound of metaphorical speech mixed with conversational story-telling.

Gon hooked up with the talented producer from Force One Seven, Na'el Shehade and many others. The album features Reef the Lost Cauze and C Rayz Walz in addition to Urchin member Ed Hooligan's appearance alongside Reef and Gon on the second single "Peace, Hugs, and Harmony."
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