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Gorillaz - 'Plastic Beach' [CD]
Gorillaz - 'Plastic Beach' [CD]
Gorillaz - 'Plastic Beach' [CD]
Gorillaz - 'Plastic Beach' [CD]


Plastic Beach


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March 9, 2010 will see the release of Gorillaz's third studio album 'Plastic Beach'. We rejoin the band as Murdoc the bass player is gathering musicians and collaborators to create the new album. The new Gorillaz empire is set on a strange floating island deep in the South Pacific at the furthest point from any land mass on the planet... Introducing Plastic Beach - an island made entirely of plastic, debris and the washed up remnants of humanity. Amongst the collection of historical remains and discarded rubble, Murdoc finds a book detailing the history of Man right up to the present day, except the last chapter "The End of Days" has been torn out - the future is missing. Time to get the band together, finish this album and have fun while the sun still shines...To complete the task, Murdoc has assembled some other musicians to join the band at Plastic Beach, these select people would join him on his floating Hellfire Club, as musicians, players and contributors in this wonky, damaged Plastic opera. Mos Def, Bobby Womack, The Horrors, Lou Reed, Little Dragon, rappers Kano and Bashy, Mark. E. Smith, Syrian orchestras, global musicians and more....All would be subpoena-ed to collaborate on this visionary Gorillaz record.
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