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<!--020090623017409-->'Graffit' Instincts' [DVD]
<!--020090623017409-->'Graffit' Instincts' [DVD]
<!--020090623017409-->'Graffit' Instincts' [DVD]
<!--020090623017409-->'Graffit' Instincts' [DVD]




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  • Jun 23, 2009
  • A1000483DVD
  • 4.1 oz
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  • TMDconcept
Graffit' Instincts serves as great instructional dvd. This is a French video featuring some of the worlds most progressive writers. The artists are shown working on their pieces from beginning to end. Also in the bonus section, you'll find 10 extra pieces from beginning to end. Plus tips on painting techniques.

Featured Artists: Los Extralargos, Orge, Dare, Jazi, Reso1, Pee Gonzalez, Jaba, Acet1, Jaw and Artmada, Brusk, The DMV, Dran, Jaye and Nilko, Mist, P19, Reso, Scien and Klor, Shadow, Skuck2, Simone, and more.
130 min + hours of extras.

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