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<!--020110510032684-->Bjorn Almqvist - 'Graffiti Burners' [Book]
<!--020110510032684-->Bjorn Almqvist - 'Graffiti Burners' [Book]
<!--020110510032684-->Bjorn Almqvist - 'Graffiti Burners' [Book]
<!--020110510032684-->Bjorn Almqvist - 'Graffiti Burners' [Book]

Bjorn Almqvist

Graffiti Burners


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  • May 10, 2011
  • 144
  • 10.75" X 7.75"
  • 9789185639427
  • DK0427BK
  • 23.2 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Dokument Press
  • Bjorn Almqvist
A Burner is a piece of graffiti that is so good that it burns everything else around it. In other words, it is the best. In cities worldwide, graffiti art is constantly being taken to higher levels. The will to burn all resistance, to outdo all the others, brings about unexpected and amazing results. Graffiti Burners shows us how techniques have been refined and letter construction distorted, how colour combinations have blossomed and concepts developed. The competition for mastery is burning hot! In addition to amazing pictorial material, several of the writers talk about their pieces and what burners mean to them. Moreover, they offer tips and guidance to those who want to do a burner of their own. Graffiti Burners offers a unique opportunity to acquaint oneself with the progress of the last few years; to be inspired and impressed. In Graffiti Burners the world's foremost writers show us their favourite works. In short, the best of the best! Aroe (UK), Bates (DK), Bio (USA), Kacao77 (D), OsGemeos (BR), Rime (USA), Scan (CA) and Suiko (JP) are just a few of the contributors to the book.