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Grandmaster Melle Mel - 'Muscles' [CD]

Grandmaster Melle Mel



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Three time Grammy© Award winner and Hip-Hop legend Grandmaster Mele Mel releases his first ever solo album. The superstar MC from the group that invented the term 'Hip-Hop' returns in 2007 with an album that redefines the game while showcasing his diversity and ability to remain on top of any style.

Expect nothing less than honest, powerfully worded and highly effective rhymes from the MC considered by many, from BBC News to luminaries such as Quincy Jones to be the very greatest of all time, who also has the physique to match his verbal firepower.

'Muscles' is not in any way a throwback or 'old school' album. Featuring production primarily by Black Solaris Productions from Harlem along with a few tracks produced by the Heatmakerz and Dame Grease (DMX), it is Mele Mel bringing it back home to New York but with the experience and knowledge that he has through 25 years of respect and love on every corner of the globe. Mele Mel is the first Hip Hop artist from the group Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five that were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.
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