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Grey Sky Appeal - 'Grey Sky Appeal' [CD]
Grey Sky Appeal - 'Grey Sky Appeal' [CD]
Grey Sky Appeal - 'Grey Sky Appeal' [CD]
Grey Sky Appeal - 'Grey Sky Appeal' [CD]

Grey Sky Appeal

Grey Sky Appeal


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DEFCON, the Boston-based hip-hop group comprised of Subtex and Producer Taj Campman, released their sophomore effort, THE LOST GENERATION in 2010. The album, which featured guest appearances by C-Rayz Walz, J the S, Goretex (formerly of Non-Phixion), Koki-Man and others was met with critical acclaim and mass appeal.

Another Boston-based MC, Outwrite, who was also featured on THE LOST GENERATION, released his sophomore effort, HUMAN GARDEN, around the same time. The three artists acknowledged a near-immediate chemistry when working in the studio together and one year later, DEFCON and Outwrite are proud to present GREY SKY APPEAL, a collaborative full-length LP featuring Moe Pope, Singapore Kane, Left Over Wine and others. The trio has been touring tirelessly; performing three shows a week on average, which included a premiere of their upcoming album at the 2011 SXSW Music Festival.

GREY SKY APPEAL features a handpicked batch of singles from nearly 40 songs recorded throughout 2010. The songs embody the personal and collective struggles of three artists that have endured great trials over the past year. GREY SKY APPEAL provided an outlet for DEFCON and Outwrite to convey a bittersweet appreciation for the day-to-day challenges that so many of us face.
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