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Grupo Batuque - 'Ole Ola: Futebol Bonito!' [CD]

Grupo Batuque

Ole Ola: Futebol Bonito!



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'Ole Ola' features explosive Brazilian football songs and slamming remixes plus crowd recordings from Brazil's largest stadium as well as classic football commentary. Featuring recordings made inside the Maracana stadium in Rio featuring the torcida (supporters group) of the football team Flamengo 'Ole Ola' shows why Flamengo's torcida are one of the most feared crowds in Brazil! Add in some pumping remixes from Da Lata, Osunlade, Fauna Flash and Zero dB, plus snatches of classic radio commentary and 'Ole Ola' explodes with the thrill of the Beautiful Game. Whichever team you support this CD is the only soundtrack you need!
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