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Hangar 18 - 'Sweep The Leg' [CD]

Hangar 18

Sweep The Leg


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Since the release of the critically acclaimed Multi Platinum Debut LP, Hangar 18 has earned the respect of hip hop fans everywhere through their relentless touring and continuous string of quality singles. Sweep The Leg unleashed all that is quintessentially Hangar: ridiculously dizzying lyricism and syncopated rhymed patterns, funked up/ chest beating/ roller coaster/ fun house production, and that legendary Hangar 18 humor. Topped off by a guest appearance from your favorite Rhymesayer, the one and only Slug, and production by Blockhead, and you have the makings of one hell of a sophomore follow up. Slumps are for chumps. And Sweep The Leg will do you like Rampage did Chuck Lidell. Ya heard?
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