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Hangar 18 - 'The Multi-Platinum Debut Album' [CD]

Hangar 18

The Multi-Platinum Debut Album


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Acclaimed and hated for their recondite, explorative, and unique sound Def Jux is about to launch a debut album for a new group, Hangar 18. Already deemed as a success (evidence is in the title, The Multi-Platinum Debut Album) the group composed of Atoms Fam members Alaska and Windnbreez along with producer/DJ, paWL is hoping to turn some more heads. Devoid of label mate collabs this 15-track LP is solely left up to the three members of The Hangar. With the group's single "Where We At" making some underground boom, Jukies should look out for this release laden with crooning bass and the grime that the Jux is known for.
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