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Hanif-Jamiyl - 'Krushed Grapes' [CD]
Hanif-Jamiyl - 'Krushed Grapes' [CD]
Hanif-Jamiyl - 'Krushed Grapes' [CD]
Hanif-Jamiyl - 'Krushed Grapes' [CD]


Krushed Grapes


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New year, new flavor. Ain't no point in having a new year at all if you're just gonna keep cranking out the same 'ol same 'ol, right? So on that note, a refined gentleman by the name of Hanif-Jamiyl, co-founder of well-respected underground crew Maspyke, has taken the cue with his debut solo album Krushed Grapes, a 14-track study of the sensual and sexual dynamics that govern the relationships between men and women. It's an approach that has been attempted in the past, but never with such an even balance of smooth R&B flavor and genuine rap skills. A fusion of Dilla-esque lounge-bap and '80s synthesizer funk, the beats thump with enough authority for the ride, and swing with enough sass for the dancefloor. Being the head investigator in this probe, Hanif is one with more experience than most in matters of attraction and seduction, and it shows in his confident, relaxed delivery and straightforward, yet heavily nuanced words, which touch on matters of the heart ("Let Him Go", "Lonely Girl") as well as the ass ("Just A Nut", "Gyrations"). Truly effective full-lengths are hard to come by these days, but whether you and your partner prefer quickies or extended plays, Krushed Grapes has got more than enough bang for your buck. And if you and your Krush are really going for the gold medal, you can always hit Repeat. ENCHANCED CD with Bonus Music Videos: "Wet Dream" and "Insatiable Rose"
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