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Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques - 'Q1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques - 'Q1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques - 'Q1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques - 'Q1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques


Black Vinyl Re-Issue Import

Vinyl LP Record

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First 1:1 reissue of a legendary library funk album from Germany, originally produced 1974 in tiny amounts for the small Quadriga label of Heinz Kiessling and never sold to the shops. Outstanding production music for tv, movies or advertising - 12 tracks oscillating between wild instrumental soul and jazz-funk, laid back bossa grooves and occasional female vocals. Best works from behind the scenes by the orchestras of Heinz Kiessling and Peter Jacques, heavily sought after by collectors and DJs, including "Russel Square", "Drift", "Soul Food", "Porterhouse" and "Cool Pants". First in a series of limited "vinyl only" reissues of all three Quadriga LPs (Q1, Q2, Q3) on Sonorama Records.

European jazz-funk of the highest quality, recorded for German music publishers, and thus most difficult to get on so-called "library-records" for synchronization use, was one of the great talents of Heinz Kiessling. Born in 1926 he became one of the most sought after big band leaders in Germany and also succeeded as a composer for film and television scores during his long musical career .

After the war he finished his studies at the Conservatory of Nuremberg, toured as a concert pianist in various countries and was active as a well booked studio musician. Later he joined the Rias Big Band, played with its own orchestra and founded the music publishing house "Brilliant" in 1964 with pianist Werner Tautz, later also the small library label "Quadriga Music" with his wife Monika Kiessling , on which only three LPs were released in small editions (Q1-Q3 = Quadriga Music 1-3).

Kiesling has created over 1200 compositions and constantly worked with stars of the international entertainment scene, including artists such as Luiz Bonfa, Chet Baker and Caterina Valente. The Heinz Kiessling Orchestra also impressed with crystal clear Easy Listening-sound at the highest level in the German Tv Shows by Wenche Myhre and Peter Alexander. In 1969 Heinz Kiessling wrote the song "Shadow of the Moon" for Frank Sinatra.

In the opinion of many record collectors and DJs, his later Quadriga Library recordings belong to the best adaptations of American funk music that have ever been produced in Germany. That is why the very rare original LPs of "Q1-Q3" belong to the expensive and globally sought-after collector's items today, desperately hunted in the digger scenes of Paris, New York, Berlin or Tokyo - "fantastic undiscovered breaks, beats, loops and samples galore", as the diggers would say.
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