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Hexstatic - 'When Robots Go Bad!' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]


When Robots Go Bad!

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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The dynamic duo, Hexstatic, return to the fray with When Robots Go Bad!, their finest album yet. Taking their electro obsession to greater heights than ever before, "WRGB" finds Robin Brunson and Stuart Warren-Hill mashing up sounds and influences in search of the ultimate machine groove.
From first track "Red Laser Beam" they lay out their wares - crunching guitar samples, huge drum box beats and enough synths to drown a nation beneath a sea of (sine) waves. It's such a euphoric opening that it's hard to imagine how they can keep the pressure up. First single "Roll Over" quickly lays any fears to rest. Featuring new vocal find Sabirajade, this is a swinging groove of heavily-layered keyboards and soulful, sultry vocals. "Tokyo Traffic" takes the tempo up again for an acidic, glitchy, serialist pop-locker of a tune that just about makes sense of the term "future-retro". "Freak Me" features B+, a female MC from Oz, who effortlessly rides a more minimalist, sexy, funky riff.
Continuing the sexy theme, "Prom Night Party" is a complete re-work of a classic 'lost' track from Mike Ladd's "Majesticons" project. Electronic ode to love "TLC" gives the boys an opportunity to take the tempo right down, whereas "Move On" (featuring Edinburgh MC Profisee) starts to drive us forward again. B+ returns on "A Different Place", a floating electronic groove that shows she can do much more than rap. "Subway" is another tune for a new generation of breakers, Profisee offering a paen to underground music inspired by the forced fears of a nation. From "Lab Rat" onward the vocoder takes over - "Newton's Cradle," "Newaves" and the superb "Bust" offering an object lesson in the contrasting ways in which synths and drum boxes can be used to create superb, funny, funky, driving dance music.
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