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Hi-Fidel & DJ Crucial - 'The Company Of Wolves' [CD]

Hi-Fidel & DJ Crucial

The Company Of Wolves


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FF Express is leaving the station! Hi-Fidel collabs, ones again, with his partner in crime, F5 founder DJ Crucial. This full-length album is the first from Hi-Fidel since the days of "Traveling backed with St. Louis and Chicago" (2001). With a new sound and a new atmosphere to breathe in, Hi-Fidel is well on the way of achieving his intergalactic mission: "live free and get rich." The first single, "Isobel and Future," produced by DJ Crucial, is worth the anticipation sought by true fans. An evolution of hotness, Fidel's rhyme skills never diminish, and he receives lyrical push-ups from F5 extended family Serengeti, Black Spade (OM Records) and Pigeon John (Quannom), among others. "FF Express: The Company of Wolves" is a testament to Hi Fidel's progressive rhyme styling and lyrical word schemes, which allows the listener to join in on the journey though time and space and benefit from the destination. On Fidel's personal travels, from his hometown of Chicago to his new residence of Los Angeles, he has made stops everywhere from St. Louis to Osaka. A truly global emcee with a viewpoint and sound to back it up, one would be hard pressed to box his sound into a single category. However, The Company of Wolves is perhaps the most accessible work yet to emerge from Fidel's extended career, while still retaining that uniquely lop-sided worldview that makes his music so dazedly impressive.
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