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Hopsin - 'Raw' [CD]
Hopsin - 'Raw' [CD]
Hopsin - 'Raw' [CD]
Hopsin - 'Raw' [CD]





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Hopsin is an MC, producer, director, actor and editor. Determined to be one of Southern Cali's premier MCs, in 2004 Hopsin bought an $8 microphone from Wal-Mart, installed Fruity Loops on his computer, and locked himself in the basement. As time went by he knew that his lyrics and production had surpassed what he was hearing on the radio. He combined his skills with a new image [often seen wearing white contacts] and emerged from the basement. In 2007, Hopsin signed a major record deal with Ruthless Records, and released his freshman album, "Gazing at the Moonlight" in October 2009.

In November 2010, he released his sophomore album, RAW, and has not looked backed. A fantastic look inside the twisted mind of an intricate lyricist, RAW is an excellent blend of angry, bitter verses with melodic choruses.

In RAW, Hopsin utilizes elements of horrorcore to go along with his constant disrespect of the American government and mainstream hip-hop artists. Though his lyrical content is fairly disturbing, Hopsin has spoken out against the positive portrayal of careless alcohol and drug abuse given by more famous rappers. Tired of seeing artists he deems "undeserving" achieve worldwide prosperity, critics hail RAW as "an intelligent look inside the numerous problems plaguing modern society."
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