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HUW - 'Music From The Multiverse' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


Music From The Multiverse

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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The vision for Music from the Multiverse is one of seeking the alternative, of the power of collaboration and growth through change. It's about exploring personal potential, supporting each other through difficult times and knowing that anything is possible, and that perhaps it is already happening, somewhere beyond our perception. The featured artists bring this to life in their lyrics, there's an honesty and generosity in every vocal track, born out of a mutual respect and a freedom of expression that demonstrates the deep connections between the artists involved. The instrumental tracks achieve this in a more abstract way, with compositional and production elements that confound expectations. There's a strong DIY ethic here, and the enthusiasm and passion for the process and the technology shines through. Within the soundtrack it's possible to trace influences from diverse sources such as Nu Jazz, IDM, Hip Hop, Dub, even the soundtracks of cult TV and cinema.

The LP began as a series of sketches on the laptop. Over time the melodies and changes were translated into recordings through the hardware synths in the studio, and the rhythms evolved from samples of drum sessions, chopped, sliced and mangled into new patterns worked around the electronic material. Acoustic instruments then found their way amongst the layers of audio, humanising the sounds of the machines. Early versions of the tracks were sent to musicians and artists currently living and working across Europe and the UK. Online collaboration was key to the success of this project. As the vocals were added, a spirit of cooperation became integral, with versions sent back and forth for feedback and further edits. Music from the Multiverse seeks to prove that everything is connected, that we can bridge the gap.
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