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IAME - 'Lame' [CD]
IAME - 'Lame' [CD]
IAME - 'Lame' [CD]
IAME - 'Lame' [CD]




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The third full-length album from independent hip hop artist IAME (pronounced: I Am Me). Lame-a title inspired by a common misprint of his name and his general sentiment towards popular culture, is a multi-textured album that shows the depth and skill fo the Portland, Oregon based artist. A member of Northwest supergroups SANDPEOPLE and OLDOMINION, IAME has spent the last two years recording this very personal yet entertaining album. Lame shifts between heavy, thought provoking subject matter, detailed narratives, and tongue in cheek commentary. "Thy Will" finds him struggling to identify the underlying causes of misfortune and suffering. "Felt So Real" is a fictional story about the seed of mistrust that ultimately ruins a relationship. These heavy stories are balanced with humor in songs like "Keep the Change" and "Lame" as IAME pokes fun at his music career and his own cynical worldview. After all, when people think your name is "Lame" it's hard to take yourself too seriously. Lame is entirely produced by SMOKE M2D6, a fellow Oldominion member whose inventive beats have helped define the sound of Northwest hip hop. For this album he composed a diverse, genre-bending assortment of tracks filled with live instrumentation, ethereal melodies, and hard-hitting drums. Elements of blues, soul, epic rock, and electronica all combine seamlessly to create a truly unique listening experience. Alongside the dope production, Lame features some incredible emcees, singers, and musicians including SOLILLAQUISTS OF SOUND, XPERIENCE, TONI HILL, POEINA SUDDARTH and SAPIENT.
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