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Ikebe Shakedown - 'Tujunga/ No Name Bar' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]

Ikebe Shakedown

Tujunga/ No Name Bar

Black Vinyl

7" Vinyl Single Record

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Product Details
This limited 7" is a teaser from the self-titled upcoming second album from Brooklyn-based Ikebe Shakedown. Named after a favorite Nigerian boogie tune (pronounced "ee-KAY-bay"), the band messes with elements of deep Disco, Highlife, cinematic soul, psychedelic Afro-funk, and Boogaloo in all the right ways. After spending a couple of years together the band now plays a truly driving set, with their mighty horn sections blasting on top of a wall of African-enthused party-pleasing rhythms.

"Our sound has developed to be less imitative and more about taking our favorite things from our influences and layering them to create unique material," they explain.

On "Tunjunga" the band builds a floor-filling percussion section, adding seductive guitar licks and an irresistible bass-line to set their horns ablaze to. The gritty African disco jam is paired with a more laid back and lush affair as the flip sees Ikebe go deep into film-territory on a cover of an Isaac Hayes tune. On "No Name Bar" the multi-layered horn section plays off a cavernous backing track of slick drumming, spacey Hammond organ, and funky guitar licks. Both tracks were recorded and produced by Tom Brenneck at Dunham Studios.

The forthcoming debut for Ubiquity sees the band push their eclectic approach and arrive at their sound with a clear vision of who they are, "With such a range of material on the LP, self-titling the album is a way to introduce the audience to us -- to form a more complete understanding of what we do," they said. Partly recorded in Brooklyn, Ikebe Shakedown admit that being surrounded by so many excellent groups, and having the opportunity to see them play live, has pushed them to experiment with their own sound. Tracks were also recorded at Killion Studios, home of Ubiquity-act Orgone. "The studios share a lot of similarities -- the tracks were all cut live to tape with minimal use of headphones and overdubs. Still, we were on the road when we arrived at Killion and were free of distractions which allowed us to dig in and focus," they explain.

Most of the rhythm section met at Bard College, and the band was rounded-out and officially formed when everyone settled in Brooklyn. After a run of dates around NYC, Ikebe recorded their debut 7" single and the EP, Hard Steppin', which was released on Colemine Records in 2009 and received high praise from critics, and fans alike.
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