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Inf - 'The Go Round' [CD]
Inf - 'The Go Round' [CD]
Inf - 'The Go Round' [CD]
Inf - 'The Go Round' [CD]


The Go Round


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  • Jun 23, 2009
  • Hip Hop & Rap
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  • Beats Broke
  • Inf
Hip hop producer and drum break aficionado Inf (Bas te Braak), short for "Infinite," unveils his long-awaited debut instrumental album, The Go Round. The record drips with melancholy like a rare, dusty 70's OST. Contained within are 18 of the most mind-numbing loops and grooves known to the business. Despite the absence of emcees, Inf did not work alone. Bassist Tom Jonkman lays down additional low-end on "Wasting Time," while Tomas Delfgaauw wails on his sax like there's no tomorrow concluding "Whodidit." US actors Elizabeth Cobbe and Jose Villarreal contributed late-night finishing touches at an East Austin studio, recording the dialog between tracks.

Inf started making beats in 1995 to back his rhymes. In 2001, he retired from rapping to produce full-time in Utrecht, NL. Since then, this Dutch workhorse has released six proper albums, among a barrage of beats and remixes for other artists. Inf's notable work includes Sneaky Pete's single "U Don't Know" and his Dutch-language gem The Adventures of Kapabel & Inf.

"2009 has gotten a bit more beautiful for Dutch hip hop."
br>"Truly a great album! Shadow meets Avalanches... dope!"
-Sound of Swound, hosted by Mennert

"The Go Round sounds- with its 30-minute length- remarkably complete and shows true vision and craft. Last year there was commotion around the debut of newcomer Quiet Village; this year Inf's The Go Round might be playing leap-frog with these British exotics."
-DJ Broadcast
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