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Infinito:2017 - 'Outer Body Experience 9.0 (Thinking The Unthinkable)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


Outer Body Experience 9.0 (Thinking The Unthinkable)

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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Product Details
It appears that the unrestricted form know as "boom-bap" is alive, well, and has been carefully re-worked by Chicago native INFINITO 2017. We present you his latest offering OUTER BODY EXPERIENCE 9.0 (thinking the unthinkable) available via Joe Left Hand Records. OUTER BODY EXPERIENCE 9.0 is a clear and solid hip hop record with plenty of neck jerking break beats and dirty crate digging. A balance of analog and digital production with hard rhymes and promising delivery to satisfy a true connisieur. Fun, intelligent yet confident and ode to when rap was raw and straight off the cuff. Infinito 2017 comes off as sharp as ever and unfolds this new blueprint on unassuming mc's who dare step out of line. Another refreshing release carefully suited for plenty of playback without any of the filler. Stand out tracks include "Try Again", "Analog B-Boy", and "Rocking With The Best". With Production from The Geaux, The White Shadow of Norway, Max Ptah, Thaione Davis, Unagi, Dj Swift and Blaak The 9th Mann of 84
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