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Irealz - 'Solar Flarez' [CD]
Irealz - 'Solar Flarez' [CD]
Irealz - 'Solar Flarez' [CD]
Irealz - 'Solar Flarez' [CD]


Solar Flarez


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Irealz is set to drop his sophomore album Solar Flarez with Belmont Records and his own Team Lama Ent. Solar Flarez is a concept album of sorts - solar flarez are known to effect the human pysche by bringing up hidden emotions and this album reflects many different emotions being brought out through the music. This time the beats are produced by a select few producers including Al Tarba, Street Scrolls, Tone Spliff, DJ Afar, Ill It Beatz and Irealz, who also holds executive producer status. Irealz takes you in a new direction with "Solar Flarez" - although some beats are very rough n rugged, on a whole the album takes on a much more soulful feel. This album will show and express more versatility of Irealz as a complete artist. Irealz says " this album had to be released, it was like therapy for me. Code of Omerta was like therapy as well. It's a part of my life and an experience I needed to express as an artist. My new projects and side projects after this will also be different in ways based on the reality of my life and times."

Solar Flarez has some special guests including Jean Grae, Vast Aire, Trife Diesel, Solomon Childs, Taj Mahal, Bourne Grimey, Terror Pesc, Mage 9, Feme 9, and introducing the soulful Kye...and of course DJ Afar on tha cutz! Also, bonus tracks features the previously unreleased "Step 4 Step " feat. Copywrite, and the funny crack at skinny jean rappers " Byrdz of a Feather".
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