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J Dilla - 'Donuts' [CD]
J Dilla - 'Donuts' [CD]
J Dilla - 'Donuts' [CD]
J Dilla - 'Donuts' [CD]

J Dilla



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To really start to talk about how much of a legend Jay Dee has become in the time period of less than a decade would be something pretty much anyone with a pulse knows. Everyone who is anyone in the industry respects and looks up to Jay Dee. Don't get this release twisted either. Some of you might not pick this up because it maybe seems a bit geared toward the beat smiths and you usually don't pick up instrumental discs. All the songs are basically 1- 2-minute beats with most having some kind of vocal samples present. This album is incredible and highly recommended all the way through. Once "Workinonit" hits in, you know what you're in for.
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