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J Dilla - 'Rebirth Of Detroit' [CD]
J Dilla - 'Rebirth Of Detroit' [CD]
J Dilla - 'Rebirth Of Detroit' [CD]
J Dilla - 'Rebirth Of Detroit' [CD]

J Dilla

Rebirth Of Detroit


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J Dilla's mother, Mrs. Maureen "MaDukes" Yancey, is pleased to announce a new album of unreleased material from her son. "Rebirth of Detroit" will be released on 6-12-12. The "Rebirth of Detroit" will feature new music from the late producer, as well as Detroit's finest emcees and musicians who have both worked with and/or been influenced by J Dilla. It was important to Maureen Yancey that this project be a collaboration of emcees and musicians working in the Detroit Hip Hop community.

"This will bring together artists that have drifted away from one another and haven't been able to work with each other lately. It's a healing process for the city. For individuals, it's going to bring back the love and the passion for the music and for what hip-hop has to offer." - Maureen 'MaDukes' Yancey
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