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J Dilla - 'Ruff Draft (Instrumentals)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
J Dilla - 'Ruff Draft (Instrumentals)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
J Dilla - 'Ruff Draft (Instrumentals)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
J Dilla - 'Ruff Draft (Instrumentals)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

J Dilla

Ruff Draft (Instrumentals)

Black Vinyl Re-Issue

Vinyl LP Record

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"Before we get this started, let me explain it. It's Ruff Draft. For my real niggaz only ... Sound like it's straight from the ma'fuckin' cassette! ... Let's do it."

...Thus begins Ruff Draft. These self-produced tracks make up one of the late J Dilla's least known works during his lifetime. Released on vinyl only in February 2003 this sought-after release was elusive and virtually unknown to the casual Dilla fan until Stones Throw's reissue in 2007. Recorded in the wake of a failed deal with major label MCA, Dilla returned to solo recordings as a fiercely independent artist with Ruff Draft.

These are the instrumentals from the infamous, the official, Ruff Draft.
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