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J. Sands - 'The Breaks Vol. 2' [CD]

J. Sands

The Breaks Vol. 2


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To understand the concept of the series this is how J.Sands breaks it down: "There has always been a part of me that wanted to rock the old beats, just the bangers though. I couldn't just take the instrumentals and put it out, that seem a little "Bite-ish". I did remember what Guru of Gang Starr said on "Take it Personal": "Rap is an art, you don't own no loops. It's how you hook it up with the rhyme still troop". So with that looming in my mind I wanted to take a lot of my favorite songs and have producers I know and respect take the original samples and re-freak them. I was not really looking for the same tracks, something new and fresh with the samples that were old and used"
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