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Interview Pt. 1 (At The Retail Store - 10/12/08)


Part 1 of 2: Legendary rapper / producer J-Zone talks about the events leading up to his latest opus "Live @ Tha Liqua Sto," where he morphs his voice and drinking habits to rap under the alcoholic alter-ego Chief Chinchilla. APPAULING: J-Zone nonchalantly admits to taking risqu pictures of his grandmother and using them as the covers for some of the most explicit albums ever released without ever telling her. HEARTLESS: J-Zone promotes skinning animals for fur coats. To make matters worse he even refers to his alter ego Chief Chinchilla as "The Furgler," a rodent with a penchant for murdering endangered species just to piss off PETA. SOCIOPATH: J-Zone talks about creating an entire album promoting St Ides malt liquor after he, himself has quit drinking do to the ill effects its had on his own life and reputation. BLASPHEMOUS: As if passive insensitivity isn't enough, J-Zone has the audacity to attack animal lovers and PETA-sympathizers with a direct threat: "Lock up your cats and dogs because they'll become headbands and socks." WARNING: This interview is not for the faint of heart or vegetarians.
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  • Apr 28, 2009
  • 04:32
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  • Beats; Funk; Instrumental
  • Van Stylez