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Jaffa - 'Echoes' [CD]





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  • Jun 07, 2011
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 882119018622
  • UNIQ186CD
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  • Unique Records
Jaffa is born out of the long existing desire of Dutch vocalist and songwriter Christel Meijer to create soulful music with electronic flair.

Being introduced to producer Phil Martin (The Jazzinvaders/Laura Vane and the Vipertones) from record label Social Beats opened up the door for this vision to be realized. Their first musical encounter happened to be very successful and resulted in the laid back, groovy jazz beat sound of An Echo (Remains Free). This song appeared on Socialized Jazz Beats 2 (Social Beats) in January 2009, which was also released in Japan. The song was received remarkably well, appearing on different play lists around the world. Anticipation for a full length album from Jaffa started growing steadily.

In the studio Jaffa started experimenting with an electro acoustic approach. Christel would often provide jazzy chords and improvised crisp melody lines with her dreamy lyrics, while Phil would work on the right grooves and overall sound. They immediately created a remarkable sound, using samples of Christel's vocal improvisations to build an underlying melodic groove. All kinds of acoustic percussion instruments were used as well as a variety of synthesizers and effects. All of this has resulted in a mix of a rich variety of styles, which Jaffa calls 'jazzy synth pop with an edge': catchy melody lines, squeaking synths and profound beats.

The album entitled 'Echoes', tells the story of someone who is burdened with his past. In attempts to escape from the tight grip of the past, which looms in the disguise of dark figures, this person enters a surreal environment, finding no way out. He battles until he has lost all of his strength and has to surrender. Right at that moment he realizes he's not alone and finds strength in the knowledge that there are other travelers like him, with whom he can travel together, holding on to hope on the road to freedom.
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