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James Pants - 'Rhythm Trax Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
James Pants - 'Rhythm Trax Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
James Pants - 'Rhythm Trax Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
James Pants - 'Rhythm Trax Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

James Pants

Rhythm Trax Vol. 1

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Stones Throw releases a vinyl-only instrumental beats & breaks series called Rhythm Trax. The first volume is mixed and scratched by James Pants. In a recent interview, PB Wolf had this to say about James Pants: "He does all kinds of stuff and a lot of it is 80's soul, electro boogie, early (and regional) rap, and new wave influenced, but he's really into ambient 70's stuff without a drum beat like Ralph Lundston as well as 60's psych and bubble gum pop. Definitely all over the place, like Koushik, Madlib, or myself and his mix CDs reflected that early on and the music he makes is an extension of that. He's into doing themed stuff. He didn't want any hip hop sounding beats he made on the first album because he felt they didn't fit the album, but I had to convince him to put 2 on there. His break record is more of a single theme but his mix tapes are all over the place and his debut album is as well. But as far as what makes all his different styles fit together, he's the master of sound. He knows how to make his stuff sound just sloppy and dirty enough to not be boring, whether it be the drums, the vocals, the reverbs and effects, etc. He plays a lot of different instruments too, so he's able to control every aspect better than someone who needs to work with a band to record an album."
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