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Jams DaBoombox - 'Cataclysmic Boom' [CD]
Jams DaBoombox - 'Cataclysmic Boom' [CD]
Jams DaBoombox - 'Cataclysmic Boom' [CD]
Jams DaBoombox - 'Cataclysmic Boom' [CD]

Jams DaBoombox

Cataclysmic Boom


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A journey into sound over the backdrop of chaos best describes the production on Cataclysmic Boom. A careful look into the Brownsville, Arkansas native's surroundings and mindset at the time of recording. King Boom has prepared a 10 piece instrumental album pulling from all his sources for inspiration to make a solid work of sound.

"Jams DaBoombox Also Known As "King Boom" Is A Producer From Little Rock , Arkansas . Only Two Decades Into His Life And Has Been Making Beats For Half Of It. Raised On 90s Culture And It Is Shown Through His Music. Boom Takes Inspiration From Every Corner Of "The Arts" & Puts That Inside Of His Music. King Boom Raps From Time To Time To Express Himself. But Even When He Is Not Rapping, He Tells His Story Through Audio Clips And The Title Of His Beats."
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