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Javelin - 'No Mas' [CD]
Javelin - 'No Mas' [CD]
Javelin - 'No Mas' [CD]
Javelin - 'No Mas' [CD]


No Mas


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  • Apr 20, 2010
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 680899007429
  • LBOP074CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • Luaka Bop
  • Javelin
Javelin throw a party that sees nothing wrong with dropping crooked disco ("On It On It"), schoolyard funk ("Intervales Theme"), abstract R&B ("Dep") and pitch-perfect pop ("Mossy Woodland") in the same set. At least that's the way things unfold on Javelin's debut album, "No Mas", the eagerly-awaited follow-up to a self-released collection of demos ("Jamz n Jemz") and a pair of limited Thrill Jockey 12-inches ("Javelin", "Number Two"). It's as if Javelin were programmed to reproducethe golden age of every genre known to man, bouncing between samplers and strings, drum machines and drum sets, and a growing collection of guitars, horns and homemade thumb pianos.

You read that right: Most of "No Mas'" dusty 45 moments aren't lifted from actual record crates. They're painstakingly recreated, note by note, from the jukebox in Javelin's collective mind. So if you're trying to 'figure Javelin Out', don't bother. You see, everything has its place in a Javelin song, from the shimmering keys and brassy strut of "Shadow Heart" to the loony tune loops of "Oh! Centra." These musical omnivores work their music like a rabid radio dial, leaving a tricky trail of sonic breadcrumbs in their wake. Or as Langford puts it, "The minute I start working in one style, I get distracted and want to work on another one. We kinda gave up on finding our 'sound' years ago."
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