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<!--020060808002879-->Jeremy Fish - 'The Next Best Thing' [Book]

Jeremy Fish

The Next Best Thing


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  • Aug 08, 2006
  • SPEC08BK
  • 30.1 oz
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  • Upper Playground
  • Jeremy Fish
"The Next Best Thing" is a collaborative effort between Jeremy Fish and Aesop Rock representing a homegrown approach to "creative block" shared by the two. The artist places all half-done projects to the side and proceeds to convince him/herself that he/she will promptly hatch the greatest idea ever to have been conjured in the history of life as we know it. Once convinced that a stellar outcome is inevitable, the pistons should pump on their own. "The Next Best Thing" is a 24 page book with a 7" 2 track vinyl record included for your listening pleasure.

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