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<!--020080108019620-->Jeremy Fish - 'Rome-antic Delusions' [Book]
<!--020080108019620-->Jeremy Fish - 'Rome-antic Delusions' [Book]
<!--020080108019620-->Jeremy Fish - 'Rome-antic Delusions' [Book]
<!--020080108019620-->Jeremy Fish - 'Rome-antic Delusions' [Book]

Jeremy Fish

Rome-antic Delusions


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  • Jan 08, 2008
  • 96
  • 8" X 12"
  • 9788888493312
  • DO312BK
  • 30.1 oz
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  • Drago Arts & Communication
  • Jeremy Fish
In 1994 the passion for graffiti bombing lead New York born artist Jeremy Fish to San Francisco. Up and down the hills, between spray painting and skate-boarding, his original style was soon conquered the scene. Inspired by masters of punk-skate illustration such as Pushead and Jim Phillies, Fish revisits classical symbols of the genre in a narrative form. Visionary hybrids created by his fantasy, where animals have human appearance. But, often, of the face remains just the layer underneath, the skull, ironically revisited. No more a funerary icon, but a funny toy. Upside down, it is a flying house, from which a nice lady overlooks: an innocent scene that evokes a childish imagery. But it is not the sweet-hearted version, so popular today, of an ex rebel. No chocolate-box sweetness or fake kindness. On the contrary, it is a very sophisticated operation of aesthetic remix. Because, in the "society of spectacle", it is only possible to short-circuit the real. So, even the hardest stereotypes reveal unexpected features. A world-beater of the independent creativity, founder of the brand-crew "Silly Pink Bunnies", internationally famous for its poster, sticker, and t-shirt reproductions. DRAGO invited San Francisco's Jeremy Fish to move to Rome for a month to create work in symbiosis with the eternal city. The result is more than an artist's monograph.

Rome-antic Delusions is described by the artist as "a word play where reality and fantasy meet", a reflection of both sides of his artistic persona, from solitary introspection to the exuberance of changing perspectives.