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JFK - 'Building Wings On The Way Down' [CD]
JFK - 'Building Wings On The Way Down' [CD]
JFK - 'Building Wings On The Way Down' [CD]
JFK - 'Building Wings On The Way Down' [CD]


Building Wings On The Way Down


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JFK (GRAYSKUL) doesn't make music because he wants to. He makes it because he has to. The desperate intensity of his delivery reflects his irresistible need to create-to extract lessons embedded like thorns in his soul. Like a lyrical body-snatcher, JFK slips listeners into his shoes, where they'll walk long, dark miles with him toward the light. The man known as JFK, Ninjaface, Recluse, Count Magnus, Little Bobby and Jay is Jeffrey Leoncio Bautista, best know as one-half of Oldominion originals Grayskul. JFK was born in San Fernando, Philippines, spent his early childhood in San Diego, CA. and did most of his growing up in Virginia Beach, VA. His early high school career faded as he spent more and more time on the streets, smoking and drinking. Sinking into an increasingly dim future, he dropped out of high school at the age of 16. By the mid '90s, JFK had a criminal record. As the arc of his descent sharpened, he found himself shackled by 10 years of probation and the threat of seven years lock-up for stepping the least bit out of line. Running from the law, JFK moved to Seattle in 1996. It was there he began rapping with a crew of local emcees collectively known as OLDOMINION. JFK kept focused in the music, which kept him out of prison. That's the short version. Building Wings on the Way Down, JFK's debut solo album, is the long version-an abrasive homage to his descent into darkness, crime and self-immolation on the streets of Virginia Beach, and a celebration of his rebirth as a member of the Oldominion crew, and his re-emergence as an adult and proud father. JFK is not a rookie when it comes to this music shit. If you can define someone by the company they keep, then it should be noted that JFK has recorded with names like Aesop Rock, Slug of Atmosphere, Canibus, Cannibal Ox, POS, and Typical Cats.
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