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Jha Jha - 'Git It Girl' [CD]

Jha Jha

Git It Girl


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  • Oct 23, 2007
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 100075897922
  • GIG8979CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • AZ; JR Writer; Max B
Lil Kim, Jean Grae, Dimples D, Foxy Brown, Roxanne Shante... now it's time to add another name to the pantheon of female mic grippers... Jha Jha. As an affiliate of one of New York's hottest crews she's toured the globe and opened shows for the likes of Jim Jones. Those shows and prominent guest shots have already put Jha Jha in front of tens of thousands of people. Now it's time for the girl to Git some of her own. On "Git It Girl" Jha Jha brings it hard from start to finish. But just what does "Git It Girl" mean? Jha Jha explains, "a Git It Girl could be anybody used in any context. As long as you're getting something out of life you're a Git It Girl. The guys have had way more than their share of anthems, so I decided to do something for us (meaning the ladies). If you're a college student getting an education you're a Git It Girl. If you're an independent mother raising and making a way for your children on your own, you're a Git It Girl. If you're a stripper, gold digger, hustler, getting over on dudes you're a Git It Girl." Whether you're a girl, a woman or just a fan of New York's hottest Hip Hop this is one you've gotta Git.
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