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Jin - '100 Grand Jin' [CD]


100 Grand Jin


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Jin's life reads like something out of the pages of a hip-hop storybook - young and hungry with nothing to lose and far more to gain than he ever have imagined, Jin left his hometown of Miami, Florida, and headed toward the Big Apple with huge hip-hop dreams. Upon reaching NYC, Jin made a name for himself by lyrically demolishing MC's on the underground hip-hop battle circuit.
Jin later climbed another rung on the hip-hop ladder by becoming a seven-time Freestyle Friday battle champion on the popular BET video show "106 And Park." In 2004, as Jin's popularity and status on the hip-hop scene grew, he signed on to Ruffryders/Virgin Records. As Jin matured as an MC, he became disgusted with the state of the music industry. He even contemplated calling it quits. At this crucial point, the lyricist shed the skin of the recording artist "Jin," and metamorphosed into The Emcee.
Jin's latest release from Draft Records, A Couple Songs And Some Freestyles, features a crafty array of high-energy party cuts such as the satirical track "Fuck Jay-Z?," as well as some conscious tracks over smooth beats. Jin's following can always count on him to bring energy and thoughtful creativeness to anything he touches in a way only The Emcee can.
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