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<!--020070522009599-->Jin - 'No Sleep Til Shanghai' [DVD]
<!--020070522009599-->Jin - 'No Sleep Til Shanghai' [DVD]
<!--020070522009599-->Jin - 'No Sleep Til Shanghai' [DVD]
<!--020070522009599-->Jin - 'No Sleep Til Shanghai' [DVD]


No Sleep Til Shanghai



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  • May 22, 2007
  • 692227006196
  • RAP0061DVD
  • 3.6 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Raptivism Records
  • Carl Choi; Todd Angkasuwan
Born in the Bronx. Raised Worldwide. Since its inception, Hip Hop has transcended boundaries. The culture has affected people from all walks of life. One of those people include a Chinese kid from Miami named Jin Au-Yeung.
Not long after discovering Hip Hop, Jin became a mainstay in the underground battle scene. He steadily began building a reputation as one of the most respected battle emcees in the underground circuit. Using every opportunity to get noticed, he and his manager, Kamel Pratt, headed over to BET. His big break finally arrived. Jin entered and won 7 consecutive battles on BET's 106 and Park Freestyle Friday competition. The attention drew the interest of Ruff Ryders (DMX, Eve, The Lox) CEOs, Dee and Waah Dean. With no hesitation, Jin moved to New York and joined the "Double R". He signed a recording contract with Virgin Records, and the rest, as they say, is history. This historic move made Jin the first Asian-American rapper to sign to a major label.Asia took notice.
"No Sleep Til Shanghai" chronicles Jin's return to Asia as he and a small entourage fly into Shanghai to embark on a two week tour. Their travels take them to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and back to Shanghai. What follows, is a facsinating look at the making of an international tour and a glimpse at how Hip Hop continues to transcend some of the most unexpected places.