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<!--020051108016732-->Jneiro Jarel - 'Three Piece Puzzle' [CD]
<!--020051108016732-->Jneiro Jarel - 'Three Piece Puzzle' [CD]
<!--020051108016732-->Jneiro Jarel - 'Three Piece Puzzle' [CD]
<!--020051108016732-->Jneiro Jarel - 'Three Piece Puzzle' [CD]

Jneiro Jarel

Three Piece Puzzle



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Jneiro Janel is far from a household name in the States. Although he's already amassed quite a following overseas led by his incredibly popular single "Big Bounce Theory". This album almost had to see a domestic release and Ropeadope thankfully realized this. This dude is really creating quite a buzz for himself and his name is already all over the place in NYC speciality shops. His style is definately condusive with the whole Okay Player crowd but totally unique at the same time. "Black Cinderella" is good enough it should be in your heavy rotation. Sometimes it's good to break away from your everyday material and go for something new. Don't sleep on this please or you'll just be sorry when Jneiro is all over the place doing big things in a year or two. This guy seriously has up and coming talent written all over him.
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