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Joyce w/ Nana Vasconcelos & Mauricio Maestro - 'Visions Of Dawn (Paris '76 Project)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Joyce w/ Nana Vasconcelos & Mauricio Maestro

Visions Of Dawn (Paris '76 Project)

Black Vinyl Re-Issue Import

Vinyl LP Record

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By popular demand Far Out is about to re-issue the beautiful and strictly limited deluxe heavy weight vinyl edition of 'Visions of Dawn'. With Andy Votel's stunning psychedelic designs dripping from the cover the original 'lost' Brazilian acid-folk album is an essential addition to record collections. Understated yet powerful this previously unreleased project by three Brazilian music legends has been rescued and released by Joe Davis' Far Out Recordings.

Led by the sharp lyrics and gorgeous, expressive voice and guitar of Joyce the trio is completed by the expert musicianship of her close friends Nana Vasconcelos (percussion) and Mauricio Maestro (electric bass, vocals, guitar and producer) who were both crucial in creating this masterpiece. These beautiful, hazy recordings, which took place among the charming artistic 1970s Paris scene, offer a unique chance to sit in on the original jamming sessions of tracks that later became Brazilian cult classics.

Mauricio, Joyce and Nana became friends as part of Milton Nascimento's Clube De Esquina scene and his legendary 'Clube De Esquina' albums. The three were also part of Sagrada Familia - the great Luiz Eça band – while Nana and Joyce played together in legendary folk-prog band A Tribo.

Having arranged for Brazil's top artists from an early age Mauricio Maestro lent his masterful bass playing to Joyce's classic early albums. Later a founding member of Boca Livre - one of the most successful groups ever to emerge from Brazil - Mauricio produced 'Visions of Dawn' and his incredible electric bass and vocals are crucial to the sessions. Nana Vasconcelos has released more than thirty albums over an epic forty year career. Vasconcelos is a vocalist and berimbau player of immense quality and here displays his unsurpassed Latin jazz percussion skills, which adds playful samba momentum to this project. Joyce recorded her first album at the age of nineteen and alongside Tropicalia artists of the time she infused conservative Brazilian music with the spirit of 60s counter-culture, creating bossa nova with a feminist edge that gave Brazilian women their voice. Joyce is now one of the most respected artists in Brazil with her compositions interpreted by Brazilian greats Milton Nasciemento, Elis Regina, Gal Costa and Gilberto Gil.

Here Joyce's tender psychedelic vocals ('Clareana', 'Jardim Dos Deuses', 'Chegada') result in a dreamy set that's given a strong edge when scatting and letting her notes playfully jump around ('Suite', 'Banana', 'Metralhadeira'). Creativity flows out from behind Joyce's Paris boudoir drapes for 35 glorious minutes. Stand out tracks 'Banana' and 'Clareana' became big Brazilian hits for Joyce on her hugely successful solo albums, which followed on from this recording. 'Clareana' is a beautiful lullaby in homage to her daughters Clara Moreno (Far Out) and Ana, while 'Banana' is a slice of pure joy. Ending with the orgasmic 'Chegada' this is an album like nothing you've ever heard.

'Visions of Dawn' is a legendary lost treasure encapsulating the special freedom and beauty of Joyce, Nana and Mauricio's music that has finally been rescued and set free after 33 years.
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